Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado is a distinctive, holistic, and comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment center, and we offer the best EMDR therapy in Denver. Our expert therapists work closely with clients to identify the root cause of addiction and co-occurring disorders, and device a treatment plan to best address their medical and psychological needs.

What Is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a massively popular psychotherapy used in addiction treatment that helps recovering addicts process their trauma through sporadic visual stimulation. There is a connection between the rhythm of an individual’s eye movements when they enter REM sleep and their traumatic memory. During an EMDR session, we encourage our patients to revisit their painful and traumatic memories. When they do that, we stimulate their vision to reprocess how they see, feel, and experience that specific memory. This therapy can reduce the intense feelings associated with a traumatic memory and helps reduce the impact one feels when they recall a disturbing memory.

It is one of the most proven treatment approaches that help patients heal from a disturbing childhood, abusive relationships, loss of a loved one, and other triggers. Our approach to EMDR therapy consists of 8 treatments. Our therapists focus on each of our patient’s past, present, and future traumatic events during these sessions.

How does EMDR work?

While it is not clear how exactly EMDR works in the brain, there is plenty of evidence to vouch for its usefulness in treating conditions like PTSD and substance abuse disorders. Eye movements can dampen the feelings associated with painful memories or trauma in patients suffering from abusive relationships or PTSD. PTSD is a widespread underlying cause of addiction. Without addressing the root cause, patients are at a high risk of relapse.

Our EMDR therapy in Denver does not involve any medications, and we do it using visual stimulation. EMDR therapy is particularly one of the most viable treatments for substance abuse patients because it does not put them at high risk for abusing another substance, especially after medical detox. During an EMDR session, our therapists talk to patients and encourage them to recall their past and traumatic memories in a highly controlled treatment setting with advanced technology to prevent any erratic behaviors in patients.

How can EMDR help treat addiction?

Several times, addiction in individuals occur as a result of past trauma. EMDR helps address this trauma and reduces the compulsion in an individual towards using drugs. EMDR treatment encompasses 8 phases. In the first phase, we identify the emotional distress in patients. The second phase consists of imagery and stress reduction techniques. Phases 3, 4, 5, and 6 help patients to identify their negative self-beliefs, vivid visuals, and related emotions. In the last two phases, our therapists train recovering addicts on certain self-calming techniques.

Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado is a leading treatment center for EMDR therapy in Denver with a team of experienced mental health experts. Visit or call 844-901-3066 to get started on your journey towards recovery.

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