Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado is a highly-rated and reliable outpatient alcohol rehab in Denver, offering the most advanced and effective outpatient treatment services. If you’re struggling with addiction and need to participate in a rehab program without missing out on your daily schedule, then we’re your perfect choice.

What’re the benefits of outpatient alcohol rehab?

The following are the most excellent benefits of enrolling in an outpatient treatment program to get help with alcohol addiction:

  • Safe outpatient detoxification
  • Maintaining employment or school
  • The cost of outpatient rehab is affordable.
  • Setting goals and building new healthy habits
  • Creating a sober community
  • You can continue caring for your family
  • Family involvement
  • Privacy protection
  • Continuing care
  • Developing new coping skills to cope with difficult life situations without drinking
  • An opportunity to practice what you learn in treatment in your life and start making changes

As the name outpatient suggests, you receive treatments as you come and go. In this program, you’ll participate in therapy sessions for a specific timeframe that won’t disrupt your day-to-day life activities. Additionally, if you are exiting an inpatient treatment, joining an outpatient program will help prevent relapse and maintain long-lasting sobriety.

 Essential factors to consider when choosing an outpatient alcohol rehab

Choosing the right outpatient program can help you obtain the best possible treatment results and succeed in maintain abstinence for many years to come. Selecting an excellent facility that fits your specific needs can be challenging with a sheer number of outpatient rehabs in Colorado.

If you believe an outpatient alcohol rehab in Denver would be the right choice for you, here’re some essential factors to consider before deciding on the most suitable program for you:

  • Facility location
  • Program schedule, length, and cost
  • Treatments success rates
  • Personalized outpatient plans
  • Evidence-based treatment techniques
  • Caring and supportive staff members
  • Family support
  • Insurance coverage
  • Availability of treatment providers
  • An effective transition plan
  • Ongoing care

The most exceptional outpatient alcohol treatment center in Denver

We’re a top-rated leader in offering the most effective holistic outpatient treatment programs for those struggling with addiction in the greater Denver area. Our program doesn’t only focus on treating your addiction symptoms but also addresses the underlying issues leading you to use alcohol. We help clients identify triggers and later teach them powerful coping strategies.

Our outpatient alcohol treatment program includes group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, family therapy, and other holistic therapies. Additionally, you can expect full professional support from our able staff members who makes every effort to ensure clients achieve their recovery objectives.

Join the leading outpatient alcohol rehab near you

An outpatient treatment program is an ideal option for anyone looking to get addiction treatment but can’t afford to leave essential daily life obligations for inpatient rehab.

If you’re considering enrolling in a prime outpatient alcohol rehab in Denver, don’t hesitate to join the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado to get the right quality help you deserve. Please feel free to reach us now to speak with an addiction specialist.

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