Drug addicts often find themselves flirting with death due to substance abuse. This often prompts the family and friends of the addict to look for outpatient rehab in Denver for help. For many people, seeking treatment for their family members and friends struggling with substance abuse is the only option they have before the habit wrecks the life of the addicts. Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado has helped many people struggling with substance abuse to get their lives back on track.

How do I get the right rehab facility for a loved one?

Today, many people have a wide range of options when choosing a rehab facility for their loved ones. Finding the right facility is a crucial step in the recovery process. However, it may not be easy to find an excellent rehab facility for your loved ones. Considering the number of rehab facilities offering treatment in Denver, it is essential to ask yourself if the clinic you want provides the services that match your needs.

Before you decide to seek an outpatient facility for a loved one, consider exploring all your options. First, request a psychological evaluation to address all underlying mental health problems accompanying the addiction. Visit a licensed clinical professional to assess the patient’s psychiatric history, addiction history, and other forms of trauma that may require treatment. The results of the assessment will enable the physician to recommend the most appropriate treatment options.

Research treatment facilities 

Research the treatment facilities in your area that provide the services you need. Many people with substance abuse problems also suffer from other forms of medical conditions, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Research the rehab facilities you are considering to ensure they have the resources your loved one needs.

Check the website of the rehab centers you want to ensure they can handle your situation. Rehab centers offer different kind of services, some of whch may not suit you. Some treatment centers deal exclusivley with dual-diagnosis patients. Get in touch with the facility you want and inquire about the services they offer. You can only make an informed decision once you have all the information you need.

Do rehab programs utilize medication?

Find out whether the rehab program you want uses medication. If your loved one or friend is struggling with opioid addiction, consider choosing a rehab facility that offers prescription medication. The aim of the medication is:

  • Eliminate cravings
  • Minimize withdrawal symptoms
  • Reduce drug dependence

Treatment modules

Some rehab facilities implement the abstinence model for treating opioid addiction. The prescription medication is usually recommended after detox. It aims to address underlying mental problems. However, not all rehab facilities offer the option of prescription medication as part of treatment. One of the advantages of the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado is that it provides customized treatment plans to meet patients’ specific needs.

At Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, we provide just the right treatment plan for dealing with substance abuse problems. Please visit our rehab center today to learn more about our holistic treatment options.


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