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Addiction Treatment Services for EAP Managers, Human Resources Departments, Attorneys, and other Referring Partners

Locating high-quality, holistic, drug and alcohol treatment on an outpatient basis in Denver can be challenging. What are the best rehab options and how do you know your client will be receiving the best possible care? There are endless possibilities and many options.

Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado is here to help cut through the confusion. We offer Denver’s distinctive, holistic, individualized outpatient addiction treatment experience. We believe the best way to get people back to health and high-functioning is to minimize disruption to their daily lives to the extent possible.

While no one expects you to know what to do when you suspect that drug or alcohol dependency has compromised the health of your clients or colleagues, it is of the utmost importance that you have a trusted, reliable and respected resource to refer them to when the circumstance presents itself.

Partnering with Your Patient, Client, or Employee for Recovery

As their referring physician, therapist, attorney or other valued professionals, we know you want the best treatment possible for your charge. We appreciate your commitment to their well-being and will continue with them in the same light.

We treat those with substance use disorders with dignity and compassion, yet allow patients to own their behaviors and identify the life traumas and personal choices that brought them to today. Through an integrative approach to education, therapy, and life skills, recovery is possible and life transformations occur.

Working with Most Insurance Providers

Addiction treatment should be available to those who need it, regardless of circumstances. We have long-standing partnerships with more health insurers and we’re committed to doing everything possible to lessen the financial impact of treatment and make the treatment process a little less overwhelming.

How to Refer a Patient to Continuum Recovery Center

Addiction industry professionals have found that the more patients have a proactive and integral part of their treatment program decision-making, the more adaptable they are to the recovery experience. To help your client move forward into treatment as seamlessly as possible, please have them contact us initially by phone or complete our Pre-Admission form.

Contact Us for Referral Assistance

Please note: Admission is not in process until your client calls Continuum Recovery Center and speaks with an Admissions Counselor to coordinate addiction treatment care.

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