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Family Education & Therapy

Family Therapy and Addiction Recovery Education Denver

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction affect the family on many levels. Addictive behaviors can run through generations and, left untreated, leave family members at risk for years. Family can also bring about environmental factors in the development of these behavioral health conditions, without even knowing. Unhealthy communication and coping mechanisms can be one of the reasons why addiction starts, remains and decays the family dynamic. At Continuum Recovery in Denver, CO, we focus on bridging the gap, opening communication levels and fixing family strain which are the main components of family therapy.

How is the Family Affected by Addiction?

Addiction is a family disease — there is no denying that. The family unit is one that can either run effectively or ineffectively (or sometimes in between). Every person’s actions impact the other, which is why when a family member is addicted to drugs or alcohol, all other family members feel the effects. Some of the most common ways that the family becomes impacted by addiction include the following:


It is easy to fall into a pattern of codependency when a family member has an addiction. In fact, it is so easy that many people do not realize that their behaviors are consistent with codependency. This causes both the user and the codependent family member to feed off each others’ toxic behaviors out of fear of losing or making the other one upset. 

Heightened anxiety

All family members can experience a sense of heightened anxiety when someone in their family unit is an addict or alcoholic. Anxiety can cause several sleepless nights, poor diet, irritability, and irrational thinking.


Some members of the family, often siblings of the addict or alcoholic, may rebel in some ways in an effort to attract attention. Acting out in common in a situation like this, as is behaving similarly to a class clown. These behaviors are often a thinly-veiled attempt at expressing their pain and upset with their loved one’s addiction.


Turning inwards, not speaking much, or avoiding socializing are all common in some family members where addiction is present. Unfortunately, this is a very lonely and isolated coping mechanism and those who adopt it are at higher risk for abusing drugs or alcohol themselves in the future. 

Breakdown of communication

The entire family can struggle to communicate effectively with one another, especially if you have some family members with heightened anxiety, others who are rebelling, and some that are turning inwards on themselves. When communication is ineffective, functioning in a regular day can feel extremely challenging, if not impossible.

Since the entire family unit is impacted by addiction, it is absolutely imperative that all family members seek professional treatment to help rebuild a stronger foundation for themselves to thrive on.

Why Family Therapy Healing Supports Addiction Recovery

Here at Continuum Recovery Center of Denver, CO, we offer a once per week family therapy and education experience. Family members can attend in person or via teleconference. This nontherapeutic educational presentation is only for family members of loved ones in treatment as the clients do no participate in this setting.

What Family Therapy and Education Provides

A Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor Educates Family members on:

  • The Addiction Disease Model
  • The Purpose of Treatment
  • How Treatment Works as a Support Mechanism for You or Your Loved One
  • What Enabling Looks Like
  • Where to go for Additional Resources in Family Support

The Benefits of Family Therapy and Education Are Immeasurable

When we suggest our Denver, CO family therapy program to mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and adult children of clients who are here undergoing treatment for substance use disorders, we do this for the benefit of each family member. We know that a strong and stable family, unified, offers a more supportive force than each person individually. Some of the greatest benefits of family therapy include the following:

  • Stronger understanding of addiction as a disease
  • Improve communication across the board
  • Help identify and address resentments and ongoing points of contention
  • Development of unified problem-solving skills
  • Ability to help set healthy boundaries
  • Resolve continued conflicts 

If you and your family have a loved one who is an addict or alcoholic, attending family therapy can be just the thing you need to get back on track.

What to Expect in Our Denver, CO Family Therapy Program

At our outpatient drug rehab in Colorado, no family education sessions will be the same, as different points of contention and interest will give rise to areas that need to be addressed. Some moments will be anticipated and others can come from left field.

A Licensed Counselor will Guide You Through the Process, Where You’ll Learn How To:

  • Identify Sources of Conflict
  • Reestablish Healthy Boundaries
  • Recognize the Signs of Stress, Triggers, and Addiction Relapse
  • Reinstate Supportive Ways in Coexisting
  • Define Pathways to Build Trust Again
  • Understand the Nature of Addictive Behaviors


If you would like to apply for Pre-Admissions into our Treatment Program, see our Pre-Admissions Section for Enrolling In Treatment. 

If you have any questions about our Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to Treatment, you can Contact Us to get the Information you Need!

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