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In Trouble for a DUI? We Can Help with Education & Therapy

DUI Education Therapy

DUI Education Therapy. We specialize in DUI treatment and education. Our classes are taught by Certified Addiction Counselors and Approved Treatment Providers who will also assist in guiding you through the DUI process.

At Continuum Recovery of Colorado, we offer Levels I and II of treatment along with DUI classes in Denver, CO. Working closely with patients and their loved ones, our DUI education therapy in Colorado focuses on physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness through comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment.


Level I Education Program is an educational program consisting of 12 hours of alcohol and drug education. This is related to Colorado DUI laws, regulations, and penalties that cannot have more than 4 hours completed in one calendar day.


Level II Education Program is designed only for people who have been convicted of driving. Level II happens when an individual’s blood-alcohol level went beyond legal limits or while they were under the influence of a drug other than alcohol. This 12-week program uses a cognitive-behavioral, psychoeducational approach where not only drug and alcohol information and Colorado DUI laws and penalties are taught but general relapse prevention skills, anger management skills, and stress management skills are covered. Participants will gain a better understanding of the bio-psycho-social factors influencing drug and alcohol use. Level II Education is a cash pay 2-hour group that occurs once per week. Participants are not permitted to attend more than one (1) session per week.


A Level II Therapy Program is required for someone who is cited for driving under the influence. Individuals are required to complete Track A, C, C, or D. Track A is 42 hours over 21 weeks, usually required for a first-time offender with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) below 0.17. Track B is 52 hours over 26 weeks, is usually required for a first-time offender with a BAC of 0.17 or above. Track C is 68 hours over 34 weeks, usually required for an individual with a prior DWI/DUI and with a BAC below 0.17. Track D is 86 hours over 43 weeks, usually required for an individual with a prior DWI/DUI and a BAC of 0.17 or above. Participants are not permitted to attend more than one (1) session per week.


Level II Four Plus Treatment Program is designed for individuals who are cited for driving under the influence. These individuals are required to complete Track F or Level II Four Plus Treatment. This track assignment is usually for individuals with three (3) prior DWI/DUI offenses and other related alcohol or drug charges, or those individuals with four (4) or more DWI/DUI charges or convictions. Level II Four Plus treatment must consist of not less than eighteen (18) months of attendance which includes a minimum of one-hundred eight (180) hours of treatment. Clients are encouraged to participate in group and individual counseling sessions to address all presenting mental health and addiction needs.


Interlock Enhancement Counseling is an adjunction program designed to educate participants that currently or will have an interlock device installed in their vehicle. Participants will learn about their interlock devices, how to use them, troubleshoot issues with their devices, list of foods and liquids to avoid, along with other helpful tips to ensure they are staying compliant with their interlock requirements. Also, those participants in Track B, C, and D may attend these groups and individual sessions while they are participating in their Level II Therapy groups. Our DUI education therapy in Denver CO has programs that include four 2-hour group sessions and four 30-minute individual sessions where participants will receive a total of 10 hours of credit to their Level II Therapy requirements.

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