Drug Rehab Admissions

Once you or your loved one is ready to start the personal journey toward addiction recovery and enjoying life without dependency on drugs or alcohol, our administrative staff and clinical team will work together to instill healing and positive growth. To do this efficiently and effectively, we also rely on you to provide us the most accurate and honest assessment of yourself throughout the drug rehab program admissions process. 

Greater Insurance Coverage for Rehab, Flexible Options

No matter what addiction treatment program is identified as being the best match going forward, we know that the unknowns of payment for drug and alcohol recovery can cause additional stress. Because we want you and your family to focus on healing and learning the life skills necessary to embrace sustained sobriety, we offer many payment options.

If you or your loved one has insurance coverage, we invite you to explore the many providers we already work with. In the event that your insurer isn’t visible on our site, it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have an established relationship with them. To expedite the process, we invite you to fill out the Insurance Verification form. 

Does Your Health Insurance Provider Cover Rehab Treatment Services?

Privacy and Transparency Will Take You Further

Our open and honest relationship begins with you from the moment you contact us, whether by phone or email. Compassionate intake counselors guide you through the first steps, as taking a proactive approach will help get you started in the program on the right footing. You’ll also experience greater comfort and peace of mind knowing that all communication is done discreetly and deemed private and confidential.

If you have questions regarding the drug rehab admissions process, contact our team at any time.

And if you have any questions about our Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to Treatment, you can Contact Us to get the Information you Need!