Repairing Relationships After Addiction

Repairing Relationships After Addiction

Sometimes due the power of addiction being so strong, we may often find ourselves with a pile full of regrets. Some of which might include damaged relationships that may have been the primary reason for the deterioration of that relationship coming to an end. Firstly, we need to acknowledge that in life we are bound to make a multitude of mistakes that are set out to not define us, but gives us the opportunity to rebuild ourselves into who we truly are or may want to be. Before venturing out into the world, you may feel the need to start repairing those damaged relationships after addiction in hopes to make amends and go back to the way things once were.

At Continuum Recovery in Denver, CO, we are here to tell you that it is completely natural to want to reach out to others, but there are some steps you have to be aware of before choosing to take that path. We first must look within ourselves and focus on rebuilding ourselves.

Self Care Is The Best Care

By looking within yourself, you may be able to pinpoint better the exact emotions you may have inflicted upon yourself and others. If we are not whole, how can we possibly expect others to accept us as a new person with new habits. 

We understand that you may want to make things right immediately. However, it is imperative that you build yourself up first. Every relationship after addiction can vary depending on the rapport between you and the other person. However, when substance abuse enters a relationship it is almost impossible for the addiction not to cause a certain amount of pain within one another. Therefore, it is essential that you become solidified in who you really are before trying to repair those broken relationships after addiction.

Taking A Step Forward

Once you have done all the self preparation that you can possibly do, it is time to try to make amends and repair those relationships. While some relationships might be easier to start repairing than others after addiction, there are some things you might want to consider as you are reaching out. Some loved ones may experience major PTSD from the trauma that they experienced. That trauma may have been watching their loved one suffer from a drug addiction. 

In regards to those that might take a little longer time repairing their relationships, some loved ones may have mental scars that only time and patience can truly heal. They may need you to show them your commitment to your new lifestyle. However, understanding that the connection may not be completely lost and to continue to stay clean and sober.

Repairing Relationships After Addiction Through Amends

While you were recovering to overcome addiction, there may have been some people left to deal with some unresolved issues that they may not have dealt with. Facing some of these individuals can be extremely difficult depending on the severity of the damaged relationship.

It is not uncommon to experience a great deal of shame and regret. Especially as you are trying to rekindle this relationship. Do not allow yourself to let your fear of rejection or embarrassment deter you from wanting to make amends. Not only is it important to the relationship, but you must face the consequences of your actions. Take responsibility for the damage that you may have caused.

The thing that is essential in making amends is communication. This includes the ability to put your pride to the side. Once you have reached that step, you can start to address the root of your illness. Then you can work on how you can overcome your addiction.

Another harsh reality is that some relationships are sometimes unable to be fixed.  Due to the damage that the addiction may have caused on the other party, it is not uncommon for some of those connections to be lost forever. We must acknowledge that accepting those consequences are essential to our growth.

In life we all make mistakes. We have to come to grips with the fact that we cannot fix everything we have done in our lives. It is only up to us to make sure that we try to change for the better. Some of the people that you may have hurt during your addiction may not want to make amends. But remember that it’s completely fine. Sometimes certain people can only take so much emotionally. All we can to move forward is to make peace with that and grow into a better person.

Stay Patient

In the beginning of trying to repair your relationships, some people might be skeptical of how committed you may be. The addiction may have broken a lot of individuals’ confidence in you. It might take some time to build back that trust. During the addiction, it is possible that they may have heard you state some of the same statements in regards to you remaining sober. They could possibly be tired of the emotional baggage that comes along with that. 

Some loved ones might find themselves putting some distance between you and them. This is usually in order to remain sane as you recover to prevent further hurt. If you experience some family members and friends not being supportive, do not let that stop you from staying sober.

Trust must be restored in the relationships after addiction and that takes time. The best ingredients for mending relationships  are time and patience. Some of those scars might take longer than others to heal properly. However, all that you can do is continually stay your course and remain committed. 

Once you have conquered all of those things, the next step is forgiveness. Forgiveness can be therapeutic and can offer you and your loved one the clarity that is needed to move forward. You have conquered so much remaining sober and your loved ones will soon become witness to your victory as well.

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If you are in need of addiction treatment, contact us today at Continuum Recovery of Denver, CO. Our team is available 24/7 and is eager to help you start your recovery. As part of our program, we help with the knowledge and tools to help each individual be able to start repairing their relationships after addiction.