Medication-Assisted Treatment in Denver, CO

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Denver, CO

Medication-assisted treatment is a type of treatment that combines various behavioral and cognitive therapies with prescribed medication, offering a holistic approach to deal with substance abuse. There are those who might scratch their heads at the idea of introducing medication to help wean people off of substances, as it can feel like simply replacing one drug with another. However, numerous studies have shown it can be a highly effective means of treatment in the right circumstances.

People who suffer from alcoholism or opioid addiction are generally the prime targets for medication-assisted treatment in Denver, CO. Medications such as Vivitrol, naltrexone or buprenorphine are commonly used for people recovering from opioid addiction, while those addicted to alcohol are more likely to be prescribed acamprosate, disulfiram or naltrexone. This can help remove some of the cravings they have for their substance of choice.

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with using medication-assisted treatment in Denver, CO.

Faster Reintegration into “Normal” Life

Studies have shown that medication treatment can help clients get back into their normal lives and reintegrated into regular society more quickly. While it is crucial to learn how to manage stress and emotions and to undergo behavioral therapy, many clients need assistance with the way they physically feel as well through their recovery, providing a counterbalance to some of the social and emotional struggles they’ll be feeling.

Protection Against Withdrawal

One of the biggest concerns for any person who has suffered from addiction is that they are going to deal with some significant symptoms of withdrawal. In some cases, those symptoms can come back long after they’ve gone through detox, within a couple of years after the initial date of treatment. This is because the brain is searching for a way to balance and adjust to the chemistry of the body without the presence of the addictive substance.

Medication can help to deal with symptoms of withdrawal, and prevent people from succumbing to the temptation to relapse into drug or alcohol use. It is the clear healthier alternative for what can be a very debilitating set of symptoms.

Better Chance of Long-Term Recovery

When you consider the two previous benefits of medication-assisted treatment in Denver, CO, there is a much greater chance of long-term recovery for the patient in question. Treating the “whole patient” through this comprehensive approach will yield better results and help to keep the client clean, healthy, and safe. This is, after all, the most important goal of any treatment program, and numerous researchers and medical professionals have found that including medication as part of the treatment process provides the best chance of sustainable recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about what all goes into medication-assisted treatment in Denver, CO, reach out to the experts at Continuum Recovery of Colorado. We will be happy to provide you with further information about the benefits of such an approach and how it can lead to improved odds of sustained, long-term recovery. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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