January Is Mental Health Awareness Month

January Is Mental Health Awareness Month

As a hectic 2019 turns into what promises to be a tumultuous 2020, the first month of the year, January, is Mental Health Awareness Month. This extremely important observance is the perfect time to readdress and reaffirm your mental health in Denver, CO.

Here are some steps you can take to improve your mental health and your overall outlook on life starting this January.

Compliment yourself

Everyone deserves a well-meaning compliment now and again. Unfortunately, sometimes the universe isn’t there to provide one. That’s when it’s time to step in and compliment yourself.

Avoid negative reflection

It can be easy to fall into a negative spiral of thoughts, especially once you get going. Avoid the spiral by recognizing negative self-thought and shutting it down quickly.

Find something funny

No matter how negative your train of thought, something out there is bound to make you laugh, if only a little. Whether it’s an old favorite movie or internet videos of cats, something out there makes you crack a smile, so find it and enjoy yourself.

Improve your diet

This doesn’t mean “go on a diet.” It means that if your diet consists primarily of fast food or other unhealthy options, it may be time to re-evaluate your nutrition. Consider injecting more vegetables and fiber into your daily diet, and you might find your stress becomes less unbearable.

Sleep more

The easiest way to adjust your mental health in Denver, CO is by getting more sleep. If you find yourself getting less than six or seven hours of sleep regularly, try sleeping for eight hours a night for several days in a row. If you find yourself having trouble getting to sleep or sleeping soundly, consider cutting out alcohol, caffeine and/or cigarette use.

Get active

When your mental outlook is suffering, beginning an exercise regimen seems like an impossible mountain to climb, but it doesn’t have to be. Just 15 minutes of low-impact exercise a day (like taking a brisk walk) can improve your mental health more than you realize. Get outside too as many mental health benefits can be attributed to the outdoors.

Ask for help

Admitting you’re having issues with your mental health is never a bad idea. Letting someone understand that you’re having trouble or you’re feeling overwhelmed is the easiest way to get help for yourself. Be it a family member, friend or mental health professional, if you need to talk to someone, do it.

Your support system in Colorado

At Continuum Recovery of Colorado, we’re ready to help you build a long-term plan for relief and support in overcoming substance abuse issues. Your positive mental health in Denver, CO is our number one priority. Our highly-trained staff uses traditional and alternative therapy methods in a supportive outpatient setting. These methods are designed to get you back on your feet.

We offer a tailor-made routine composed of individual, group and family counseling. We also offer medication management services and holistic therapy. Our goal is to get you back to the world. Visit us online or give us a call today. The road to recovery is just one click away.

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