Recovery Communities Helping Support Your Sobriety

Recovery Communities Helping Support Your Sobriety

For those dealing with addiction, finding the right recovery community, whether in person or online, is vital. While Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous can be extremely helpful, not everyone finds them to be the right fit. There are many different alternatives or additional supportive communities that can bring deeper meaning to your recovery. Many communities even include online aspects to allow for greater connection and readily available resources. It’s important to find a recovery community where you can build meaningful relationships with your peers.

In Person Recovery Communities

There are many recovery communities that are similar to the traditional AA or NA groups that host in person meetings, many of these communities also offer online support, such as blogs, chat – rooms, and other resources. Some programs offer a different structure or approach that might be more interesting or helpful to you than a traditional 12 step program. Perhaps you are interested in a less religious and more secular approach, or a physical fitness focused group, there are groups that meet all over the country, and even the world that can meet your interests and unique recovery community needs. A few popular communities include:

  • SMART Recovery: A sober community that hosts in person and online meetings for people in the US and Canada that is primarily focused on cognitive behavioral therapy to alter addiction habits.
  • LifeRing: A more secular and “self lead” community where members lead and direct discussion in person, and offers additional online support.
  • The Phoenix: A program that celebrates whole body healing through a physical fitness focused community, engaging in an array of fitness activities as well as spiritual health.
  • Secular Organizations for Sobriety: Similar to AA, but minus the religious elements, functions to help members abstain from drug and alcohol use.

Online Only Recovery Communities

As online communities are gaining popularity now more than ever, these are an excellent resource to support your recovery. It may surprise you how supportive and tight knit online recovery communities can be. Through a multitude of platforms, either reddit pages or forums, you can find a welcoming community for you that offers advice, shares experiences, and can provide valuable resources. Below are several thriving online only recovery communities:

  • r/stopdrinking: A subreddit of more than 150,000 that exists to encourage and support users to stop drinking where participants can share stories and seek encouragement.
  • r/redditorsinrecovery: A slightly smaller community, but nonetheless an excellent resource that focuses on coping with the trials of addiction and living in a sustainable recovery.
  • Soberistas: A women-led online recovery community devoted to non judgmental support and sharing resources and experiences.
  • Sober Recovery: For those with substance use disorder as well as their intimate support systems. This online community of over 168,000 has ample resources and information, many geared to those who are newly embarking on the recovery journey.
  • HelloSundayMorning: This community serves anyone interested in altering their relationship with alcohol, anywhere from completely refraining to seeking greater self-awareness with drinking. 
  • In the Rooms: Free, weekly online only meetings that celebrate all recovery journeys and functions as a supplemental community to any other group.

Online + In Person Communities

Though many communities that are primarily in person have online elements, there are groups that function fully in both worlds. These communities are perfect if you are looking to do both:

  • Tempest: A membership program with clinical results indicating alcohol use disorder symptom reduction that offers personalized support and coaching. 
  • Soberocity: Primarily an online recovery community, this group hosts several events in person around the country each year that allow you to engage with like minded individuals living a sober life.
  • Club Soda: An email based community that serves its members with free content that celebrates and supports sobriety, in the UK they also host in-person events.

Social Media

Social Media is an extremely accessible and user-friendly method to finding a supportive online recovery community that has your shared interests, is readily available to you, and is most often free of charge. These types of groups can be extremely niche or very broad, that is the beauty of social media, it is made by people like you. You can also interact with the content and communities in a variety of manners, whether by listening to a podcast, chatting in a group, or watching stories unfold.

  • Forever35 Sober: A Facebook group inspired by the Podcast Forever35 is primarily women populated ( yet not exclusively) that supports all members in their approaches to sobriety and recovery, understanding and celebrating that not all walk the same path. 
  • This Naked Mind Group: A Facebook group created by the author of the book by the same name, this group discusses alcohol’s involvement in their lives and fosters a judgement free environment to share dreams, hopes, and diving into a world of sobriety.
  • Sober Mommies Support Group: This Facebook group is an online community of moms in their recovery journey to discuss their struggles and find a common understanding that only fellow moms can provide.
  • Café Re: Focuses on dissolving the social stigma of alcohol use disorder and supports all who join regardless of their history with alcohol and sobriety. It is a private and confidential Facebook group.
  • SoberGrid: A free app that serves to bring together like-minded people in recovery so they can support one another in their own journeys, whether it’s across the world or down the hall.
  • Tell Better Stories Media: If Instagram is your social media of choice, this account serves to educate and shed light on the portrayal and perception of alcohol use disorder in culture.

Women-Led Recovery Communities

Some recovery communities are less focused on how they meet, in-person versus online, but who is meeting. Women-led communities are safe places for women to share their unique experiences and provide support for one another.

  • Sober Mom Squad: A product of the pandemic, this recovery community offers support to sober moms who are now balancing sobriety, motherhood, and now a pandemic lifestyle. 
  • Sober Black Girls Club: The experience of black women is unique and so healing in recovery should be unique as well. SBGC serves black women & non-binary people through newsletters, support groups, and mentoring.
  • She Recovers: One of the largest communities or women in recovery that provides a multitude of resources both in person and online. The community focuses on early intervention for women and celebrating their strengths.
  • Women for Sobriety: Founded in 1975, this group serves women who wish to live free from drugs and alcohol. Engagement can be through online groups, in person meet ups or mentoring over the phone.

LGTB – Friendly Recovery Communities

Another unique experience outside of recovery is the LGBTQIA+ community. Online and in person recovery communities exist to serve this community in a safe and welcoming manner.

  • LGFTteetotaler: This online recovery community exists as a confidential safe haven for those in the LGBTQIA+ community to share in supporting one another whether in recovery, long time sobriety, or looking to be sober.
  • Gay and Lesbians in Alcoholics Anonymous: Created for those who benefit and enjoy the traditional AA experience, but focused on the LGBT experience. The group provides online resources and in person meetings.

Recovery Communities in Boulder Colorado

In today’s world, there are a wide variety of communities that provide support and resources for your recovery and sobriety. At Continuum Recovery, we offer programs to help you begin your recovery journey in a safe and expert environment, contact us for more information on your next steps towards living sober.