Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

An intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) treats addictions, mental illness, eating disorders and other dependencies or substance abuse issues that do not require detox or around-the-clock supervision. IOP therapy allows clients to have a more normal routine and even continue working and going to school. Because of this, it’s often less intimidating than inpatient programs, and more affordable, too.

However, outpatient rehab in Denver is not for everyone. It’s important to receive a proper diagnosis and understand your options for treatment so that you can pick the program that is right for you. 

Understanding Your Options for Addiction Denver Treatment 

Before we answer, “What is an IOP and what are the benefits,” it’s helpful to remind you that there are multiple approaches to addiction treatment. Here are your options and how IOP compares to them. 

  • Inpatient treatment. Residential treatment provides a safe and structured environment with 24/7 support. Inpatient rehab is best for people who have severe addictions, untreated mental illness and fear of negative outside interactions from friends and family. 
  • Outpatient treatment. Outpatient rehab in Denver is flexible and often the next step of treatment following an inpatient program. Clients can practice essential life and social skills while being held accountable for their actions. 
  • Partial hospitalization. Partial hospitalization falls in between inpatient and outpatient treatment. It’s a good option for people who have a safe, supportive environment but need daily structure. 
  • Sober housing. For those who don’t have a supportive home environment or fear outside distractions, sober housing is a possible alternative. They can continue working an outpatient program while returning to a safe, sober home setting. 

How Does an IOP Compare to Standard Outpatient Drug Rehab

Even though IOP and OP sound similar, there are differences between the two types of care. With the added “intensive” component, you spend more time in therapy each week. This is the main difference. 

Why is this important? 

Early recovery is the time when you are most vulnerable and learning how to apply essential life and social skills to your everyday life. Having additional support during this time ensures you’re able to work your recovery while transitioning to a normal routine. 

As you grow more comfortable and confident in your recovery, you can slowly ease off the number of therapy sessions you get each week. In fact, this is one of the great things about outpatient alcoholism treatment – it’s highly flexible and able to adapt to your changing needs.

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What are the Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Rehab in Denver

IOPs are excellent structured programs that support a long-term recovery from substance abuse and mental illness. At Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, we recommend these programs to those who have already made some progress towards recovery. Our program continues to support a healthy lifestyle under the supervision of qualified doctors and counselors. 

Here are the main benefits of choosing an IOP program: 

  • Flexible and accessible treatment. You can maintain your everyday routine and responsibilities while working your recovery. With this flexibility and freedom, you can manage the household, keep your job or continue going to school. 
  • Lower costs. Outpatient Denver rehab centers are less expensive than residential programs. This makes IOPs more attractive, especially with the ability to work and earn some income. 
  • Maintain your privacy. Even though addiction is a brain disorder and not a moral shortcoming, some people are embarrassed by their condition. With the flexibility of an IOP, you can maintain your privacy. 
  • Strengthen family bonds. IOP gives you the opportunity to rely on close family and friends for support. You don’t have to be away from your support network or miss important family gatherings. 
  • Better recovery outcomes. By extending treatment, you will have a lower risk for relapse and a higher chance for long-term recovery. Studies consistently show that increased duration of treatment is associated with improved outcomes. 
  • Greater responsibility. If you’re ready to take on more responsibility, an IOP gives you this opportunity. You can work your recovery while leading a fairly normal routine with work, school and household responsibilities. 
  • Participate in self-help groups. To strengthen your recovery, it’s recommended that you participate in self-help groups. An IOP encourages you to do this from the beginning, building healthy habits from the start. 

Who is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Best For? 

If you are considering intensive outpatient addiction rehab in Denver, it’s important to know how it will benefit your recovery. Remember, there are many different approaches to treatment and it’s possible that you may benefit from an inpatient or partial hospitalization program first. We recommend IOP for the following individuals: 

  • Strong support network at home. In order to get the most from an IOP, you need to have a strong circle of friends and family who will support your recovery and maintain a sober environment.
  • Lower risk of relapse. Since you will be exposed to the outside world, IOP is best if you are not at a high risk for relapsing. Relapse is always a possibility, but it becomes less of a risk as you grow stronger in your recovery.
  • No longer using drugs. If you are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, you will probably benefit more from a detox and inpatient program. Intensive outpatient programs will help you get clean, but they don’t provide detox services. 
  • Ready to transition to everyday life. Inpatient rehab and sober housing is best for those who need time to recover without distractions from everyday life. An IOP, on the other hand, is the next step in the recovery process and prepares you for returning to normalcy. 

Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado Offers IOP 

Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and standard outpatient treatment programs for individuals with substance abuse and mental illness. Contact us today to learn about our options for treatment and if our IOP is right for you. In addition to our personalized addiction treatment programs, we also offer holistic therapies to support your recovery such as yoga, meditation, music therapy and art therapy. Start your journey at our rehab facilities in Denver