November 11-15 Is Anti-Bullying Week

November 11-15 Is Anti-Bullying Week

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that one in five students aged 12 through 18 experienced bullying in 2017. Seven out of 10 young people report that they have witnessed bullying in their schools. Clearly, this is a topic that should be addressed by anti-bullying in Denver, CO and across the globe.

The good news is, anti-bullying prevention in Denver, CO may be easier than many people think. Over half of bullying is stopped within 10 seconds when bystanders step in. This simple intervention could greatly improve school environments, but it requires awareness and action. This is where Anti-Bullying Week comes in.

Anti-Bullying Week

The Anti-Bullying Alliance has organized an Anti-Bullying Week for November 11 through November 15, 2019. The theme of the week is “Change Starts with Us.”

The week will include a variety of education and intervention efforts designed to reduce the occurrence of bullying among youth. Join this effort originating in Britain to spread awareness across the United States and prevent bullying.

Effective anti-bullying efforts

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is providing a host of resources for their Anti-Bullying Week. Check out what they have to offer here. The American Society for the Positive Care of Children has additional resources for anti-bullying in Denver, CO here.

In addition to checking out these resources, you can take a few easy steps to prevent bullying in your surroundings. Make the following efforts to reduce bullying in our society, and be sure to share these tips with your kids:

  • Show kindness: Be kind to the person who has been bullied. Your kindness can counteract the bullying and let the child know they are not alone. You might be surprised at what a difference one simple act of kindness can make in another person’s life.
  • Report the incident: If you witness bullying, tell someone. Let a family member, teacher or coach know about the issue. Adults can help stop bullying by intervening while it is happening or by following up afterwards to stop it from happening again.
  • Change the situation: Children can sometimes get away from the situation in which they are being bullied. Look for ways to help children avoid putting themselves in harm’s way.
  • Set a good example: Teach children not to bully and encourage them to set a good example for others. Encourage children to participate in efforts for anti-bullying prevention in Denver, CO.
  • Discourage bullying: One of the best methods for anti-bullying prevention in Denver, CO is to speak up when it is happening. Rather than encouraging the behavior by looking on or joining in, individuals should let the bully know that his or her behavior is not appropriate or entertaining. Rather than laugh at it or ignore it, people must speak up to stop bullying.

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