October Is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

October Is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

Depression affects more than 16 million American adults per year, and its effects can be devastating. Everyone has sad or difficult moments, but these feelings usually resolve within a day or two. When your sadness or numbness starts interfering with your functioning and daily life, however, it’s possible that you have a depressive illness.

There is no single cause of depression. Rather, it is a combination of chemical, genetic, environmental and psychological factors that can present in a variety of symptoms. No two people’s depression is exactly alike, but there are some common warning signs that you or a loved one may be suffering from depression. Because depression commonly manifests with other issues, such as alcohol or drug dependence and eating disorders, it is important to take proactive care of your mental health.

Since October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month, we encourage you to schedule a depression screening in Denver, CO if you have concerns.

Warning signs of depression

Not every person will experience the same symptoms of depression in the same way—the duration and severity will vary from person to person. However, here are some major warning signs that you or a loved one may be suffering:

  • Sleep trouble: Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? Do you stay awake all night or drink to cope?
  • Food issues: If you have no appetite at all, or overeat, this may be caused by depression.
  • Sadness: Do you feel sadness, guilt or anxiety? Numbness, hopelessness and a persistent feeling of emptiness are also warning signs.
  • Lack of desire: Have you lost interest in the things that used to excite you? Are you feeling a lack of energy to do things you once loved?
  • Thoughts of suicide: Thoughts or fantasies of suicide are among the biggest red flags you can have.
  • Trouble concentrating: Are you fidgety and restless, or simply lacking the ability to get started on any of your everyday tasks?
  • Talking or moving slower than normal: Someone who is depressed may feel like they’re in a fog or constantly walking through mud. This can manifest in physical sensations as well as a general feeling of tiredness and lethargy.

End the stigma

Many people are afraid that a depression diagnosis will somehow label them as “inferior” or “defective.” The truth is, getting a depression screening in Denver, CO and following up on your mental health treatment is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Set an example by taking care of yourself—you never know who you might be helping.

Mental Health screenings in Denver, CO

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