What Is an Intervention?

What Is an Intervention?

Thanks to reality TV and pseudo-professionals, many people think they understand what an intervention is. However most don’t fully comprehend what the process entails. As a result of this misunderstanding about interventions, these meetings are often carried out incorrectly. This can exacerbate the issue they are attempting to address. If you are concerned about how a friend or relative abuses substances, read on to learn how drug and alcohol intervention in Denver, CO is properly handled.

Understanding intervention

An intervention is a gathering of a person’s loved ones and a professional interventionist. These people come together with the common goal of opening a dialogue about a person’s addiction problems and discussing treatment options. Research finds that drug and alcohol interventions in Denver, CO are successful when a professional is involved and the family systemic intervention approach is utilized.

As the only evidence-based form of intervention, the family systemic intervention allows a professional to act as a neutral party during the meeting. This identifies areas that might be causing addictive behaviors to run rampant. This outside perspective allows the addicted individual along with his/her family and friend to better understand the root causes of the issue at hand. This is so they can work on them together as the patient seeks treatment.

The Intervention Process

You begin this process by contacting an interventionist. This person will delve into the person’s behaviors and patterns by conducting an assessment over the phone with you. After it has been ascertained that an intervention is necessary, you and an interventionist make the plans for the intervention. This includes arrangements for afterward if the person accepts the offer for help and treatment.

The interventionist will be in contact with the family members and friends who will participate. This gives the professional an opportunity to help each individual grasp their role in the intervention. The evening prior, a pre-meeting with the interventionist is held. This organizes everyone and explains how everything will unfold the next day.

The interventionist begins the event at the scheduled time when the addicted individual arrives. This person may fight back, yell, accuse, deny and so on. The reason you hire an intervention specialist is to handle these confrontations. This helps so that the gathering can move forward in a constructive manner.

If the person you are hosting the intervention for accepts what he or she is hearing from friends and family, the interventionist will escort him/her to a treatment center to begin the process of recovering. Studies show a success rate of 95 percent with family systemic interventions.

Addiction Treatment in Denver, CO

If you are concerned about someone you love and their relationship with addictive substances, contact experts in drug and alcohol intervention in Denver, CO such as Continuum Recovery of Colorado. Our comprehensive, well-rounded care is among the highest-ranked in the nation. In our safe, supportive setting, addicts find the comfort they need to turn over a new leaf. Give us a call today about offering your loved one a fresh start to life.

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