I’m Addicted to Meth. How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

I’m Addicted to Meth. How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

Crystal Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine (meth) is so powerful, it’s possible to get hooked on the first try. Each hit can damage receptors in the brain, making users feel resistant to feeling pleasure without the drug. If you are currently using meth, you probably feel like you’re in too deep to stop. Fortunately, recovery is possible with the right Denver outpatient treatment centers

Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado is designed to help treat some of the most serious addictions holistically. Some clients choose our program after completing an inpatient program while others start their journey with us. Contact us today for an assessment and to see if our program is the right fit.

In the meantime, here is more information on meth addiction and how our Denver rehab center can help. 

What is Meth? Why is it So Addictive? 

Meth is one of the most devastating drugs on the market. Like other drugs, meth becomes habit-forming by forcing the brain to pump out dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. Many activities can release dopamine, but Drugs Hijack this System and Push Out More than it’s supposed to. This is what starts the cycle of drug cravings. 

Over time, meth actually destroys dopamine receptors so that you won’t feel pleasure from normal activities. Only meth can do this for you, which is why it becomes the center of your life. It becomes your greatest priority, even as your family, relationships, and job suffer. Meth is a hard drug to stop, but it is possible with the right rehab facilities in Denver.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of a Meth Addiction? 

Meth Changes the Brain Chemistry almost instantly. For this reason, the drug has intense physical and psychological effects. Here Are Some Signs and Symptoms to Watch for: 

  • Weight Loss (meth shuts down your hunger centers) 
  • Sleep Deprivation 
  • Dehydration 
  • Elevated Body Temperature 
  • Decreased Libido
  • Paranoia
  • Social Isolation
  • Hallucinations
  • Mood Swings 

Can a Denver Rehab Center Stop a Meth Addiction? 

A quality substance abuse treatment program can address a meth addiction, but it must be intense and specialized. Treatment starts with detoxification, which removes the presence of meth from the body. The body will go through withdrawal as it adjusts to not having meth in it, but the symptoms usually subside in about two weeks. That said, it’s normal to experience cravings and depression for several months after detox. 

Relatively moderate meth addictions can often be treated at an outpatient rehab in Denver. If you are considering this for yourself, you’ll have to meet the following criteria: 

  • No Drugs or Alcohol of any Kind in the Home
  • Sober, Reliable Friends and Family who can Offer Support and Assistance
  • Able to Participate in Therapy and Group Sessions
  • Willingness to Return all Unused Medicine to the Treatment Center 

If you have a safe, supportive home and can follow the household rules, you may be able to treat your addiction with outpatient treatment in Denver. However, if your addiction is severe, it may be best to start with a more intense inpatient treatment center instead. 

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Meth Addiction Treatment: What Does it Entail? 

Once meth detox is complete, you’ll be ready to start counseling. Behavioral Addiction Therapies are Most Effective for Treating Meth because they help you to see the links between your thoughts, your mental health and your substance abuse. Common types of behavioral therapies are cognitive behavioral therapy, system desensitization, and aversion therapy.

Here are the Main Goals of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: 

  • Learn how to Cope with Temptation. This is especially important when you’re feeling bored or stressed.   
  • Understand the Thoughts and Behavioral Patterns that Brought you to Meth. Most people have some type of motivation or drive to use drugs and alcohol, such as an untreated mental health disorder.
  • Develop Healthier Thought and Behavioral Patterns. Identify the self-destructive and unhealthy behaviors that may have driven you to your addiction and change them. 
  • Manage Stress Without Having to use Meth. Stress reduction techniques like mindfulness meditation and yoga can help you manage stress levels without craving meth.  
  • Come to Terms with the Damage from Your Addiction. Forgiveness is part of the 12 steps. It’s not easy to accept the damage that has been done from your addiction, but forgiveness is crucial in moving forward. 
  • Process Unresolved Trauma. It’s not uncommon for meth addicts to have some form of unprocessed trauma in their past such as abuse or neglect. By processing this in a healthy manner, you can encourage healing. 

Alternative Therapies for Meth Addiction

When choosing holistic outpatient addiction treatment in Denver, you’ll have access to a wide range of Alternative Therapies to Support your Recovery. Alternative therapies are useful because they help you manage stress, learn more about yourself, and connect you to something greater. 

As you enter treatment at Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, here are some of the Holistic Therapies you will have access to: 

  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness Meditation 
  • Music Therapy
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Art Therapy 

Aftercare and Support Groups 

Ongoing support is essential in maintaining sobriety from meth. During your time at Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, you’ll be required to attend individual and group therapy. This will start the healing process and get you used to being apart of support groups. Most clients recovering from meth addiction will start with our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and, with progress, step down to our standard Outpatient Program (OP).

Even after your time with us, we strongly recommend joining a support group like Crystal Meth Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These 12-step groups provide a safe and supportive setting where you can learn from others and offer support to those in need. This level of camaraderie will help you feel less alone. 

Meth Addiction Treatment in Denver

Meth is a powerful drug that can lead to psychosis and brain damage. But your life does not have to be this way. Treatment is available and it’s possible that outpatient rehab in Denver can help you get your life on track. This way, you can still be with your family at the end of the day and even continue working or going to school part-time. 

To Learn More about our Approach to Treating a Meth Addiction, Contact Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado Today! 

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