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Continuum Recovery of Colorado is a distinctive, holistic, Outpatient Treatment Center that offers Comprehensive Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and Outpatient Treatment located in Denver, Colorado. At Continuum, we offer a comprehensive and loving approach to healing the disease of addiction, including chemical dependency, alcoholism, and co-occurring mental health disorders in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

Tailored Substance Abuse Programs Help You Recover

Tackling the history of drug and alcohol use in each client is essential to uncovering how and why addiction happened. And because every person’s story is different, their route to recovery should be just as distinct, yet precise for them.

Individualized programs are developed through initial assessments upon first entering our Center, and will continue throughout treatment. This ensures that as a client makes progress, their program ebbs and flows with it.

We offer long term treatment programs. Research and rates of recovery show that the more time spent focused on getting past addiction and learning positive life skills, the more likely a person can adapt to living life drug-free — and enjoying it.

Holistic, Integrative Approaches are our Keystone

We see transformations happen every day. Our licensed, medical and mental health professionals work tirelessly to develop tailored approaches and give you the support, encouragement, and accountability to help ensure your success.

Through individual and group sessions, behavioral and adjunctive therapies, as well as holistic practices, every client receives an integrated approach to their substance abuse recovery program.

During treatment, in the event that we recognize that a dual diagnosis exists, our staff is proficient in addressing underlying mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders.

Rebuilding a Healthy Family, Together

Parents, siblings, children and extended family members are also affected by a loved one’s dependency on drugs and alcohol. In an effort to live with the imbalance, unhealthy behaviors develop in the family which adversely affect emotions, financial obligations, and relationships.

Different family members may succumb to an individual role, which the addicted person relies upon and manipulates to an advantage. Enabling behaviors develop and become the new norm as a way to cope in the situation. However, enabling also assists in prolonging the addiction and reducing the need to seek help.

Our substance abuse recovery programs include family therapy. Close family members of the clients can learn how to modify their behavior to better support their loved one throughout recovery, long after treatment has been completed.

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